Top Tories descend on Southfields

Two Cabinet ministers – the Chairman of the Conservative Party Grant Shapps and local MP Nicky Morgan – have attended the relaunch of a branch of the Party in Loughborough's Southfields ward.

The event, a wine and pasty evening in the ward, attracted more than 20 potential supporters, many of whom expressed an interest in getting involved in the branch's activities.

Grant Shapps said:

"I am certain that the enthusiasm I have witnessed at this event is evidence not only of the confidence that local residents have in the way in which the Conservatives are managing both the borough and the county council in a responsible manner but also a belief that the Government's economic policies are working.

"Southfields was a Labour ward for 22 years and Labour thought that parachuting-in an outsider from Leicester was the way to win the 2012 by-election. Instead, the people of Southfields elected Conservative councillor Ted Parton. Labour were proved wrong and in less than two years Ted has achieved a solid reputation for being a diligent, respected and hard-working local councillor."

Nicky Morgan added:

"The impressive turnout at this event is a reflection not only of the growing confidence that people have in the Party at both the local and national level but indicative of the enthusiasm, hard work and commitment that Ted has shown since he won his by-election."

And Councillor Ted Parton commented:

"I have always believed that politics is about people and not personalities: it is about representing their interests and assisting them with their individual problems. The fact that so many people have responded to support this relaunch event means that we will be in a good position to mount a determined campaign in both the borough and General Election in May 2015."