Loughborough Conservatives

Loughborough was originally part of a larger constituency, Leicestershire which was split into two districts in the Reform Act of 1932

In 1995 the Soar Valley was moved to the newly created Charnwood constituency approximately reinstating the old version of the seat.

The last time that Loughborough was not represented by an MP from a governing political party was prior to the February 1974 general election., making the constituency a bellwether.

Conservative MP's who have represented Loughborough

1886 Edwin de Lisle, 1924 Frank Rye, 1931 Lawrence Kimball, 1979 Stephen Dorrell, 2010 Nicky Morgan, 2019 to Present Jane Hunt

Wards & Divisions in the Constituency

The Borough of Charnwood ward's,  Barrow and Sileby West, Loughborough Ashby, Loughborough Dishley and Hathern, Loughborough Garendon, Loughborough Hastings, Loughborough Lemyngton, Loughborough Nanpantan, Loughborough Outwoods, Loughborough Shelthorpe, Loughborough Southfields, Loughborough Storer, Quorn and Mountsorrel Castle, Shepshed East, Shepshed West, Sileby, and The Wolds. 

County Council Divisions, Loughborough East, Loughborough North & Northwest, Loughborough South & Southwest, Quorn & Barrow, Shepshed, Sileby & The Wolds