Borough Council Cabinet

Following the election of David Slater as Leader of the Conservative Group on Charnwood Borough Council in May 2015, and his subsequent appointment as Leader of the Council for 4 years, he has appointed Members of his Cabinet. He has also appointed Cabinet Support Members to support those Cabinet Members with the largest portfolios.

Members of the Cabinet and their Lead Member roles are listed below.


Cabinet Members - Name of Lead Member and Responsibility

Councillor J Morgan - Leader of the Council

Councillor T Barkley - Finance and Property Services

Councillor L Harper-Davies - Performance of Major Contract

Councillor J Poland - Equalities, Member and Strategic Services

Councillor P Mercer - Housing

Councillor R Rollings - Customer Services

Councillor M Smidowicz - Regulatory Services, Enforcement and Licensing

Councillor D Taylor - Communities, Safety and Wellbeing

Councillor E Vardy - Planning, Inward Investment and Tourism Strategy