Nicky urges children to become Carbon Monoxide aware

Carbon Monoxide competition

Loughborough MP Nicky Morgan is urging schools to get behind a campaign teaching primary age children about the dangers of Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

The campaign organised by local gas network Cadent, featuring cuddly character ‘Safety Seymour’, complements a national competition aimed at making children, parents and carers aware of the risks of the harmful gas.

Schools are being asked to sign up to design eye-catching cartoons, videos, models, short stories or poems that are informative and accurate about the hidden effects that Carbon Monoxide can have.

Nicky said “Carbon Monoxide is a silent killer and this campaign and competition is a great way for children to learn about the dangers it presents and how to keep safe.

“Just like learning how to cross the road it is never too early to start learning about a poisonous gas which can have such devastating consequences.

“It would be great to see schools across the Loughborough constituency taking part; I am certain that with the talented children we have in Loughborough that I will be joining local winners at the awards ceremony in the House of Commons this summer.”

Health experts know that Carbon Monoxide exposure leads to more than 30 people a year losing their lives and 200 people being admitted to hospital. It is not yet known how many undiagnosed cases returns return home, become ill again, or die from continued exposure to Carbon Monoxide. The experts believe these figures could be a gross underestimation and the actual cost to the NHS is likely to be much more than the current estimate of £178 million pounds each year.

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