Have you ever thought of becoming a local councillor? Standing for Westminster? Becoming an MEP?

If so, or this prompts you to consider it, do come and talk to me in complete confidence. 
Contact me through our Conservative Office, by e mail or letter.
We put up no barriers of age or gender or life-styles. 
The Conservative Party has members with many different and even conflicting views.
We value debate over dogmatism, open discussion over unthinking prejudice.  
Our global community challenges much that we've often taken for granted.  What I used to see as certain certainties I've had to revisit as I've got older. 
In our Party we recognise there are values we would want to defend. But as Conservatives we also recognise that nothing ever stands still but is constantly evolving.  Not for us the 'one answer fits all' of an authoritarian or totalitarian state - that 'fatal conceit', as it has been called.
Why not play your part, great or small, in these on-going discussions?  We'd love to hear from you if you feel moved to play your part. 
We're always looking for people who want to be or are already active in our communities.  Look on this site and see our recent candidates in the recent Borough election.  Many of them were there for the first time.  And don't assume being an MP is not for you.  Don't let Westminster be a club for politicos.  Talk with Nicky, and she'll soon disabuse you! 
It takes courage to put yourself forward.  But you will join others who are more than happy to work with you, side by side, to seek the best in all we do.
Do get in touch with me!
Peter Lewis
Loughborough Conservative Association