Conservatives - Environmental Agenda


The only party that can be trusted with our environment

The Earth is a precious jewel to the human race, so it is with that mantra in mind that the Government is committed to making sure that it will be the most environmentally friendly Government that has been in power. This commitment can be found in the fact that it was this Conservative Government that has banned all microbeads from cosmetic and personal care products. It was a Conservative Government that introduced the single use bag charge that has helped reduce the use of carrier bags by 83% and helped raised over £23 million for good causes both locally and nationally.

This is not the end of the Government commitment on environmentalism. As Theresa May set out a few weeks ago this Government will be the most environmentally conscious Government ever. In that respect it is this Conservative Government that will create 500,000 hectares of new and restored areas of wildlife habitat. This along with making sure that we reduce the risk of environmental hazards that damage the eco-system as well.

The Government is also looking at introducing a charge along the same line as the single use plastic bag levy on coffee cups that people get from high street coffee chains. This Government is looking at investigating a return deposit scheme for glass and plastic bottles, similar schemes have helped increase recycling rates in countries such as Denmark and South Australia to over 80% in both countries.

We all as individuals have a duty to make sure that we play a part in making sure that the environment is kept in a sustainable state for generations. From businesses using paper straws instead of plastic, from individuals using reusable cups when buying drinks and even plastic being used to help make roads. Only a Conservative Government can be the most ambitious going forward and leave the Environment in a better state then when it came into office.