"Most people think there's no point in joining a political party.  They feel it's like joining a Supporters Club with the boring motto: 'My Club Always Right!'
They prefer to be open minded about issues, and actually discuss them - not be told what to think.
In our  Conservative Party, we want that too.  As I've said before - we want thinkers not believers.
Of course as Conservatives we share a number of core values - about our world, our country, our role in it, both as individuals and as citizens.  But the world is also changing as we live it.  It's like being on a river in a boat.   As the current moves, what we see changes, while we move in the direction the currents of history and events take us.
We provide opportunities to shape party policies, exchange new ideas, make friends and enjoy socialising together. 
So my first mesasage is: Please come on board with us and help stear our boat.  It is our boat.  And we want all the intelligence, wisdom and experiences of real life you can bring as we journey on together.
My second message is:  Togther we can make a difference.   Yes we're all different but together we are stronger.   And we need that strength in difficult times
My third message is:  Our Party here and around the country is funded by us.  Ordinary people. Not the rich few.   If we are to get our message across in debate,  and show that actions are better than just words,   then your subscription makes a huge difference in what we do and how we do it.   It's a fact of life that we need financial support.
My fourth and final message:  Political parties are not just for old people who might  like preach they have all the answers.   They are for people still at work who know first hand how Governments can interfer in daily lives.  They are for people who want to ensure their homes have strong family values to speak out for.   They are for young people who feel the world lies all before them and ensure the future will enable them to use all their talents and enthusiasm.   They are for people who simply want to make this a better place to live in, and make the world we live in both secure and civilised for all.

Please join us today.


Best wishes

Peter Lewis

LCCA Chairman